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There are thousands of fitness, flexibility, calisthenics and movement online courses out there that are designed to make you work hard and achieve results. Truth is though, most of them give you no extra value or actual skill which makes you, well, bored and unmotivated. Capoeira is a 400 year old martial art that embodies fitness, strength, flexibility, mobility, creativty and so much more, and all in a fun and playful atmosphere. So if your goal is getting in shape, improving on flexibility, gaining strength or expanding your mobility. Why not get all those while also learning an incredibly rich, fun and fascinating art form. In our mind the only way to get in amazing shape is if you enjoy the movement and are curious to learn. flexibility, stregnth, physique and all these good stuff are all just an amazing by product of learning capoeira. capoeira life skills academy is dedicated to the over all life improvement of our students. capoeira as an artform can cater to any age, skill level and interest be it advanced movement, martial skills, fitness and much more...


Alon Yudelevich, otherwise known in the capoeira community as contra mestre Ligeiro is the head of the Israeli branch of the international Biriba Brasil school of capoeira, under the supervision of his master, Mestre Requeijao.


Alon is also the founder and chief instructor of studio quilombo for capoeira and movement based in Jerusalem, Israel, and also the author of the book ‘The capoeira connection’.


Alon began his journey with capoeira in 1997 at the age of 13. Today, with 26 years of experience in the art, travelling the world and training with the most important masters of our time, Alon is dedicated to the teaching of the art to students of all levels and ages.


Alon is also a graduate of the Israeli academy for sport and fitness.

online capoeira classes include

"capoeira for beginners"

"capoeira calisthenics

"advanced capoeira kicks"

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