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Who Are We

Syllabus for success

Our classes are structured so that every student, no matter their physical starting point, age, or experience will be able  to advance  and develop abilities in the most correct, healthy and enjoyable way.


We believe that above all our students must feel that they are joining an empowering space where they feel at home and  from there will begin the process of learning and training the art of capoeira


with classes such as: Capoeira foundations, advanced Capoeira, flexibility and strength training, acrobatics and florio (floor transitions) as well as all of the music and circles held on  On a weekly basis we will study the art in the  most profound level, and along the way we will improve strength, flexibility and mobility


Capoeira foundations class


In the foundations classes we will train in small groups and learn basic movements and concepts of the art of capoeira, we will begin to understand what physical dialogue is all about, fascinating fighting techniques, flow, and we will begin to develop strength, flexibility, coordination and mobility on our way to the more advanced stages


"The group"



In "the group" classes we will practice andvanced movements and ideas. Beginning from the co-operative all the way to the combative,  we will understand  tactics and 'Malandragem' - cunning. We will practice 'sequencias' - sequences - and we will learn all three styles of capoeira 'Regional' 'Angola' and 'Contemporary'

The "group" classes can also be joined by a beginner student, provided that they attends at least one basic class a week as well


Flexibility and Strength class

 Unlike a gym, where you train for the sake of strengthening only, here we train in order to promote abilities and skills

We will develop flexibility, strength and range of motion at the highest levels so that we can move with ease and pleasure


Acrobatics and Florio


In this class we will focus and delve into the challenging aspect of capoeira that deals  with high level corporal control, mobility and flow. Development of the ability to hold our body weight in different variations, bridges, transitions, handspins and also jumps and inversions




In the music class we will focus on the musical aspect of capoeira. We will learn to play the variety of musical instruments, rhythms and songs and through them we will get to know and delve into the Portuguese language, folklore and the incredible history and culture capoeira has to offer

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