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"Capoeira is a second to none developmental tool because it contains a huge variety of elements"



Capoeira for preschoolers

In the physical aspect, the art of capoeira contains a huge movement range through which the children  work on strengthening and flexibility with an emphasis on upper body strength, improving coordination, balance and motor skills.  The children learn how to resolve conflicts gracefully and understand the difference between cooperative and combative, and learn about physical dialogue


Capoeira for elementary ages

At these ages we begin to challenge the children's physical abilities

Lots of flips, somersaults and handstands where they learn to get to know the world upside down. At these ages, the children begin to delve into the martial aspects of Capoeira through a variety of attacks and defenses that in turn will help in personal empowerent and discipline. Two age groups in the primary groups Capoeira grades 1-3, Capoeira grades 4-6

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