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 Studio Quilombo for capoeira and movement was established as the fulfillment of a long-standing dream to establish a home for Capoeira in Jerusalem. Studio Quilombo is a space entirely dedicated to the art of capoeira and Brazilian culture, both in terms of the atmosphere: the studio is full of art and light. Every inch of the space yells out Capoeira and Brazil, and both in the equipment and istruments we have which create the ideal conditions in order to teach this art in the best and safest manner. A proffesional wooden floor suitable for training, mattresses of all kinds, mirrors, air conditioning,  a reading corner full of written materials on the art of Capoeira, a wide variety of all Afro-Brazilian musical instruments, a dressing room and more... as the word Kilombo - in Brazil the Kilombos were Villages of runaway slaves where they lived a communal life, sharing and freedom - so is the atmosphere in Studio Kilombo.

Capoeira in Jerusalem, Capoeira for adults in Jerusalem, Capoeira for children in Jerusalem

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We also offer the studio for rent

By hours for instructors for dance classes, martial arts, rehearsals and lectures

Hakakim 13, 2nd floor, Jerusalem

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